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Tuesday, June 27

Inc The Robot Rough

A bunch of variations for the Inc The Robot design. We started with design 1, decided to keep the arms and legs as well as the face (since that's his soul), but we were going to modify the silhouette.

So first I photobashed together a bunch of alternate silhouettes, using lots of construction equipment reference (since he is a welder robot), all the time keeping our word list in mind. Inc needed to feel like a big toddler, innocent looking, a little awkward, his body could be many shapes, but the new shape needed to satisfy the story requirements exemplified by these words.

We then showed these images to a bunch of artist friends to get feedback. Most important when getting feedback is why they like what they like, because if you understand the why, you can fix the design issues in your own creative way, rather than it becoming a design by committee.

Many favored the taller robots, since they had the same height as design 1. One person pointed out that number 13 had a head too similar to "M-O" from Wall-e, so we nixed that one. People liked the chubby number 7, but felt he may have trouble getting through doorways or reaching for objects, he's supposed to be a little awkward, not super awkward. Number 9 and 3 were in the same chubby design realm, but a little more balanced. Number 2 kept coming up in people's favorites, they felt the big backpack made him look like a young kid going to school. People also liked 8 and 6, and the fact that you could see through the chest of number 12, which really made him feel robotic.

My favorite was number 8 (my opinion before we got feedback from people), so I went back and started with number 8, then modified the design based on what people liked and disliked in the other designs to arrive at the final number 14. For example, instead of putting the backpack from 2 directly on number 8, I scaling up his welder weapon and placing it on his back to served a similar visual purpose to the backpack.

Hopefully this gives you a little insight into the design process, how to start with a firm idea of what you need to accomplish for the story and for the character's personality, make a bunch of variations, get feedback from a large selection of people, and then use that feedback in a constructive manner to get the best design possible.

Monday, June 26

Inc Distant Mirage 2

“I know I have a tendency to get on your nerves,” INC said, “but our current water issue …” I handed him the jug. That would give us about two days to find the next source.

Tuesday, June 20

Inc The Robot Redesign

Here we are, the redesigned Inc The Robot. The goal with Inc's design was always to make him feel like a big kid. He had to be "cute", but still able to smash people when necessary. In his former career, he was a welder robot, hence his spot welding weapon of choice. But he has since been retrofitted by his new human owner Landis for a whole new function, which is where our story begins. Modeled and Textured in 3dsmax and vray.

And here are two turntable videos:

Monday, March 6

Ship Jumper Super Robot 1

Working on a new IP called Space Jumper, more on that in the future. In the meantime, here's a Rough Line Sketch and Rough Painting for a giant robot that will feature in the property. All painted in photoshop.

Monday, February 27

MUD_Bot 01

Hello it's been a long while but hopefully I'll be posting more for sure :)
Here is my first experimentation in VR with Oculus Medium, it's so much fun to sculpt in real 3D!
1st model was Zero (from WARP a little guy I designed a few years back) just to learn the tools and familiarize myself with the experience.
more to come soon...

Friday, February 3

Nuthin' But Mech 4 Artists

The final outing. 

Andrea Mancarella -
Ara Kermanikian -
Benjamin Louis -
Bryan Repka -
Chris Rosewarne -
Danny Gardner -
Edon Guraziu -
Furio Tedeschi -
Gustavo Mendonca -
Hugo Bermudez -
Jeremy Cook -
Kirill Chepizhko / Valentin Sorokin -
Luca Zampriolo -
Mieke Loomis Hutchins -
Nathan Dollarhite -
Nikolai Lockertsen -
Pat Presley -
Patrick O’Keefe -
Steve Talkowski -
TyRuben Ellingson / Mike Collier -

Thursday, January 5

Nuthin' But Mech 3 At The Artstation Shop!

If you are an avid visitor, member, or casual peruser of the website Artstation, visit their online store. We are honored to have Volume 3 featured as part of their growing library of instructional/inspirational art books.

Nuthin' But Mech Volume 3 is the latest edition to the printed extension of the blog and features the largest number of contributing artists to date. As with Volume 2, the proceeds from the book are donated to the family of late artist Francis Tsai who passed away from Lou Gehrig's Disease in early 2015.

Volume 3 at the Artstation Store

Wednesday, December 7

Last Stand

Been playing way too much Titanfall 2 recently, so inspiring!